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  • Writer's pictureLouvenia Ringuette BSN RN

Halloween Just Not the Same

It makes me sad to think how life is changing all around us. Crime and Covid 19 is creeping into every space of our lives uninvited. As I sat here today thinking about how my newest grandchild may never know the joy of dragging a pillow case through the neighbor seeking treats and providing smiles to homeowners young and old, it brought to mind another joy of residents in nursing homes are sure to miss.

When I was working in long term care facilities the joy on the faces of residents when the doors to their facility would open to the many little trick or treaters on Halloween night. For days they had prepared little packets of goodies to share with the little tots. What pep it put back in the residents steps. Few residents did not enjoy the sight of the kids coming to each room door to gather the treats. Residents always had a choice to opt out but most that did opt out came out and watched from afar with smiles.

Help bring smiles to residents faces again. FaceTime, bring your little one to the residents window so they can smile and wave at each other, take pictures to share during your next visit. Smiles, waves, and pictures are a great treat to us all. Just remember to keep yourself, your kids and others safe. Social distance and communicate joy however you can.

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