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Did you Know?

According to a Washington Department of Commerce Bulletin written in October 2018, Washington State helps low income home owners weatherize their homes? In fact the state of WA has proclaimed October 30 of each year as "Weatherization Day". Washington helps household prepare for the cold weather by adding insulation, sealing cracks, and making other improvements that reduce heat loss and save money on energy bills. In 2017 they helped Weatherize 2,540 low-income house households across the state.

In 2018 They began to offer more services then previously. Two new services now include: 1) Making repairs before someone is able to get the weatherization services. They cited an example of this service as being able to help repair the homes roof prior to insulation being installed. 2). They help make homes safer for young children and people that are living with asthma, or have other respiratory illnesses. They partnered with Department of Health to test lead levels in young children, then do remedition work in the home to help eliminate or lower theses in the home.

According to the bulletin services from a 2016- 2017 pilot program called Weatherization Plus Health Concept is closer to being a permanent program. This program combines weatherization with home health assessments and improvements to reduce asthma triggers, such as remove carpet, cock roaches, water damage and mold.

They went on to say that in 2010 people in WA made 164,000 visits to the hospital emergency room and paid $73 million dollars for Asthma related hospitalization. Public funds paid for approximately 60% go these cost. Department of Commence stated, results of a recent case study showed that with weatherization and homeowner education combined medical cost for asthma could be reduced by over $400/yr per household.

These are great services few people know about. Reach out to those you attend church with or others you may know in your community to see if your state or county also offer these programs.

To learn more visit: WA Department of Commerce Programs visit:

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