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Love One Another

As I read my Devotional today, one of the stories really touched me. On the surface it was about a grandmother and how she loved sharing and reading books with her grandchildren. Something I can truly say I’ve always loved too.

In this story a grandson and his grandma were sharing a book called “Ben and Me”. It is a story around a mouse named Amos and his very dear friend “Ben” Franklin. The mouse, Amos, lived in the pocket of his of his dear friend, Ben’s shirt. One day the mouse was helping his friend with an experiment, and experienced something grand and traumatic. Yet Amos could not share his feelings until he felt safe again in his friend’s pocket.

While the grandma and grandson were reading the story together, the little boy looked up at his grandma with wide eyes and said to his grandma, “I wish I had a mouse like Amos to help me! He could solve my problems and be my friend.” They shared a few more minutes talking together.

Then grandma told him about a conversation that she had had with her very own grandma one day while they read together. Grandma said, she too had questions, and one day she asked her grandma: “Grandma, how big is God?” She said her grandma replied, “So big He can cover the whole world with His love, and so small He can curl up inside your heart.” When she asked her grandma how that was possible, her grandma had replied back, “God is Love.”

After hearing his grandma’s story, this grandson looked up again at her, with wide eyes and said, “That is better than a mouse in your pocket, I guess.” And he smiled.

There are no greater moments than time spent together but the message was very strong and uplifting in many ways. Life today is hard, especially now with Covid-19, and this anger ridden world. What a great reminder to us that God’s love reaches out and embraces the entire world with his love. We are not alone, even when we are in isolation, or social distancing even though it really feels that way at times. So many people have stepped up in this difficult time to help others. Let’s all open our hearts to spread and embrace the love. This devotional was written in 1979, but how true the message is now more today than ever.

Source: A Daily Devotional, Quiet Moments for Women, by June Masters Bacher 1979

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