Louvenia Ringuette, RN BSN CLNC


I have proved my commitment to the care & safety of patients. With over 30 years nursing experience I have had the privilege to touch lives in many areas of nursing.  My experience as a bedside nurse in long term care, skilled nursing, labor and delivery, women's health, med-surgical care, and as a hospice nurse assisting patients with end of life care while supporting their loved ones, has helped me gained a well-rounded experience in patient care, and lead to my successful leadership roles.  I  a deep understanding of the many complexes of patient care and how the staff, and facility leadership work together to provide optimal safe care whether in the home or within a facility.


After many years of bedside nursing I moved into teaching nursing and management positions within organizations to help promote better care & safety for patients and staff.  As the administrator and director of nursing for a new 50 bed Alzheimer's facility, was one of my most cherished memories.  This experience helped me develop a keen sense of the regulatory side of running a health care facility, and the inter-workings of a facility from the ground up which helped me ensure care we provided was and administered with dignity throughout the facility.  


As a Nursing instructor at Skagit Valley College  I was able to help educate nursing students about health conditions, working with the elderly, providing caring, safe, ethical nursing care, and how to protect the patient rights, and how to protect themselves as a nurse from combative residents and/or malpractice.   As a Nurse Consultant for WA State I gained further experience and knowledge regarding our health care system and the regulatory requirements,  including Medicare and Medicaid regulations through inspecting skilled nursing facilities, licensing Adult Family Homes, and investigating nursing home patient complaints.

Commitment to ensure safety and care with dignity is deeply engrained in my heart.  My vast & varied nursing experience throughout her career makes her the ideal candidate for looking beyond what is written.  I have walked the walk and have made a career out of providing care, and keeping abreast of current medical issues, and regulatory requirements.  I have extensive experience with investigations, interviewing, and looking at the whole picture.    

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