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Louvenia Ringuette, RN BSN



Specialized in Geriatrics, long-term care, post-acute skilled nursing ,

However with over 30 years of nursing experience in a variety of settings, specialities, and leadership roles.  

Ringuette Legal Nurse Consultants can provide services for all you needs.   Whether it is

for behind the scene help, research, case review, case development , finding expert witnesses, or 

in finding solutions to challenging issues , we can assist you in a timely, economical, respectful, and trustworthy manner. 

I personally have worked from the ground up in healthcare facilities,  and am well versed in the importance of regulatory rules and regulations, the standards of care, and ethical behavior, employee law,  all which are there to help ensure

safe and sound care is provided.


  Just like every patient is unique so is each case or challenge.  I would be honored to help you determine if and where the system is broken, and where failed practice has or might occur.  

 With over 30 years nursing experience I have had the privilege to touch lives in many areas of nursing.  My experience encompasses working in and around skilled long-term care, and in providing other speciality care.   I saw first hand how the staff, and facility leadership must trust and work together to provide optimal safe care for their resident. I developed a strong understanding of the many complexes to providing patient care.  care with dignity is deeply engraved in my heart. Below is a snippet of my experience.  

While working In long term care I have held positions as a bedside nurse, staff development and infection control nurse, clinical educator, treatment nurse, and the Director of Nurse.  I held nursing and nursing assistant student clinical experiences at the long term care facilities win addition to teaching in the classroom.  


As a Washington State Department of Health RN surveyor for skilled nursing facilities I have seen good and poor care provided.  I have investigated complaints of poor care, abuse, and resident rights , reported by  family and community members of loved ones in the long term care settings.   I also licensed and provided QA visits to adult family homes when working with the state. 


 I have worked in and around enhanced residential care facilities, assisted living and adult family homes as an employee, director of nursing , a consultant , and state licensor.   I have taught state required caregiver speciality & caregiving classes to both boarding home and adult family home facilities.  

I have a long experience in women's health, labor and deliver and working in mother baby postpartum units.  I have experience working in women's ob/gyn clinic providing hands on care and ran the abnormal pap clinics, provided resolve through sharing counseling to women who had experienced miscarriages and still borns, took health history, and provided education to both the staff and patients.  

I have acute care hospital experience on medical surgical , women's health floors, and have provided some pediatric inpatient  & clinic care.  I have provided hospice , home health care, and palliative care to residents in the home, and in facilities.  I have seen how important coordination, and transition of care is to a clients outcome. 

As a Nursing instructor I helped educate nursing students about health conditions, working with the patients across the age continuum,  and the importance of providing evidence based care, providing safe ethical nursing care, and how to protect the patient rights, as well as how to protect themselves as a nurse from combative residents and/or malpractice.

In my role as a post-acute skilled nursing case manager with a managed care provider I assured safe discharge plans were in place so clients could receive care in the least restrictive setting possible.  Other managed care experience  was with Tricare,  the military health care plan, and found out how important it was for these member to have a good advocate Ito help them navigate their care.

The experience I've acquired over my nursing career has helped me gain a well-rounded experience in patient care, management , regulatory requirements, problem solving, and the ability to provide excellent consultive services.  I have walked the walk and have made a career out of providing  safe care, and keeping abreast of current medical issues, and regulatory requirements.  I have extensive experience with investigations, interviewing, and looking at the whole picture.  

I believe strongly in being a life long learner, and chose to set that example for others.  


I welcome the opportunity to assist you with you health related needs.





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