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Certified Legal Nursing Services

A CLNC can make those unintelligible medical records intelligible

Registered Nurses have years of training and experience in providing care, and with organizing, reviewing, analyzing medical information, and medical records. Let the RN CLNC help you find the hidden facts  and dollars in your next medical related case.


Nurses are trained to provide safe care while adhering to the nurse practice acts, facility protocols, nursing standards, and regulatory agency guidelines just o mention a few. Who then is better to determine if there has been a deviation from these standards but and RN.  Get the CLNC on the case as early in the case as possible to assess for merit, help identify possible witnesses, and production documentation to request.  

You Need a CLNC On Your Team
IF your caseload includes:
  • Medical or nursing malpractice
  • General personal injury
  • Product liability
  • Toxic tort or environmental cases
  • Criminal cases
  • Any other case involving medical or nursing issues, such as probate, Medicare fraud or workers compensation

Services provided by Ringuette Legal Nurse      Consultant LLC are numerous.  

Services we can help you with :
- Screen medical cases for merit early in the case
- Analyze electronic and paper medical records,hospital   policies and procedures and interpret their relevance to    your case
- Identify and locate expert witnesses to help strengthen      your case.
- Develop reports and chronologies to highlight the          significant medical events and how they fit into your    overall analysis.  
- Attend and report independent medical examinations.
Other Services Provided:
-Identify adherences and deviation from the standard of  care.
- Assist with discovery, help with interrogatories, and production.
- Medical record tampering detection
- Medical research
- Help assess injuries and identify causation and other      contributing factors.  
-Help prepare exhibits, and other demonstrative evidence
-Prepare questions for deposition, and provide education to jurors
**For more information about these or other services click the Contact Us link      below. **


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