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  • Louvenia Ringuette, RN BSN

Why should you keep a nurse in your pocket?

Nurses by nature are inquisitive, great researchers, and the never ending problem solvers. They know how to look at the situation , and help come up with a plan. They listen to you and they help you determine what the next course of action should be for you. Maybe you just need someone to come to the appointment with you to help give or get the details. Maybe your parent needs someone to help put on his or her support stocking in the morning to remain at home they can help you locate resources. Nurses make a commitment to you and follow through. A nurse is really what is under your breast pocket- your second heart. Nurses provide care, direction and information from their heart to yours.

Nurses care about you, and your health. They can help you navigate the forever-changing healthcare systems, insurance, and living facility regulations. Don’t feel alone reach out to a nurse and ask for help. Even if you are not sure what type of help you need, reach out and ask a nurse will help you determine that need

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